VISUALTHINGS represents my work as a visual creative. I value good ideas above trends and I am curious about your visual needs. A solid base on design principles, an insatiable desire to enrich my visual vocabulary and a natural sensibility for visual communication allow me to move between pure functionality and complete madness.


Your logo is a key element of your brand experience. A visual identity takes care of many more aspects so that your brand expresses itself in all your communication channels. From elegant typography, catchy visual symbol to modular identity systems, I have given a voice to small and large companies.
You can find many more examples of my work here


No "art" or "magic" happening here, but an approach based on solid fundamentals and driven by passion . The voice I give to your message is culturally relevant, eye-catching and technically spot-on. From brochures to book covers, sales support documents to social media content.
See some examples here.


From trade-show booth to landing pages or film props I develop key visuals that create a strong impression and a real visual impact, always pushing the envelope of experimental typography, photo-editing and motion graphics.

You can find many more examples of my work here


From short and to-the-point presentations and workshops showing your sales team how to stay on-brand, to consulting about your brand visual identity. I help you without obscure design jargon but rather in a dynamic and vivid form that everybody can understand.


Feel free to contact me even if you don't understand your own question ;-).